Quality Policy

ISO 9001.2015 (10-7-19)ISO 9001.2015

Quality Management Policy is based on permanent improvement of ELKAT SA activities that is achieved by meeting customer requirements.

Fundamental objective is that we provide the customer’s services and products that meet their expectations,  and maintain their confidence to our company. To achieve the above, the company has established, argued, applied and maintained Quality Management System according to the requirements of model ISO 9001:2015, which include the  administration, operation and organization of critical activities of enterprise that influence the quality.

The main objectives of the company’s qualiy policy are:

  • The benefit of high quality products with added value.
  • Optimal organization in all sectors of enterprising activities
    of company.
  • Total constant quality of provided services.
  • Use of accumulated knowledge and experience of Company’s human recourses for customer profit.
  • Absolute identification of provided services and customer needs.
  • Complete customer satisfaction to overlap his expectations.

ISO 9001.2015 (10-7-19)ISO 9001.2015

Safety Management

ELKAT SA policy is to ensure and provide healthy, suitable and secure environment of its labor in order to influence positively their rates and the quality of the services to clients, suppliers, contractors, collaborators and environment.
Our management believes that through the effective management system OHSAS 18001:2007 and permanent improvement of health and safety in its working activities and its facilities will decrease or even eliminates the possible dangers of accidents.
The company’s adjective vision is to strengthen the collaboration with its personnel aiming at the increase of efficiency and productivity.
ELKAT SA has developed and installed Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 through which, we identify all possible dangers for health & safety and establish measures for the diminishing, minimizing and control of these hazards. Also compliance with Greek legislation is crucial especially to high risk applications that we carry out.

ELKAT SA is investing in permanent education and enlightenment, through seminars and operating instructions to the workforce, supports the workbooks and the communication between various levels in the organization chart and subcontractors.
Determines and reviews the goals for health and safety evaluation to reach effective standards.

Due to continuous improvement we measure health and safety performance. By receiving the above data, ELKAT S.A. improve its policy every year.

Environmental Policy

ELKAT SA over the years gained the knowledge that any action and any application relates to environment. Our company commits to controlling and improving these environment impacts.

Main target, the prevention of pollution. Continuously, ELKAT SA improves its environmental policy by identifying the processes of improving its impact.

Our company having direction to conform with the ISO 14001 requirements, establishing its environmental policy by communicating to all employees, organizing training courses and calling them to involve in attaining the goal of improving their environmental impact.

Factory Production Control

Among the huge range of constructions and applications, ELKAT SA has the capability of producing welded structural steel products.

Allied to this production, the big indoor and outdoor storage areas in the workshop, full of heavy manufacturing equipment, demonstrates that our company is capable in fabrication of even the most expertise structures.

ELKAT SA considering the cooperation with its customers as major target, fabricate any steelworks depending on the requirements, with CE marking. Our company produce steel works in compliance with the appropriate manufacturing standard.

ELKAT SA, as a famous manufacturer of structural products, has the obligation to be in compliance with the harmonized European standard EN 1090-2 with an Execution Class 3, equal to steel structures produced in ELKAT’s workshop.

Welding Quality assurance

To remain competitive in the business market, to meet client’s needs, to fulfil and moreover exceed their expectations, ELKAT SA puts a prime focus on its welding quality management.

To ensure the proper quality of the welded products the company takes into consideration all the welding quality affecting aspects. The whole welding process controlled from the very start of each project with written welding instructions, welding procedure qualification records and certified welders.

ELKAT SA invests to experienced and qualified personnel, while welding coordinator is responsible for their continuously education and training.

To achieve these aims, our company invested in acquiring certified knowledge according to welding management system ISO 3834-2.