Oil & Energy Department

Responsible for the Bidding and Project Management of the Projects, handling activities such as:

  • Prepare quotations following Client’s & tender’s requirements.
  • Providing Services involved at Oil & Gas Applications
  • Executing the Project Management of company’s Projects including:
    • Contract reviewing & following
    • Engineering checking
    • Fabrication supervision & scheduling
    • Quality aspects

Sales Department

This department is responsible for handling the marketing & sales activities concerning:

  • Equipment originating from the companies represented by or associated with ELKAT.
  • Systems either originating from the represented companies or manufactured by ELKAT.
  • Services offered by ELKAT.

Engineering Department

This department deals with the engineering work involved in projects including:

  • Process design of systems offered
  • Detailed engineering (Layouts, fabrication dwg.)
  • Instrumentation (hook ups, wiring diagrams)
  • Electrical design
  • Technical documentation (Manuals, literature, etc.)

Construction Department

This department is involved with the manufacturing of the prefabricated structures. This action takes place in the workshop which has facilities for implementing the following activities:

  • Purchasing of piping & raw materials
  • Piping and structural prefabrication (cutting, preassembling, welding)
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical and Instrumentation assembly and wiring
  • Testing

In case of E.P.C. contracts involving extensive erection and site activities, work teams are assembled from Construction department in accordance with each project contingencies.

Quality Assurance Department

This department’s purpose is to monitor and assure quality specifications and standards, as well as customer requirements. To that end, ELKAT SA is actively compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Technical Support Department

This department handles services involved at Oil & Gas Applications such as:

  • Installation supervision  at site
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup of the equipment and systems supplied by the company
  • Liquid products Metering and  cooperative equipment maintenance
  • After sales support

The service department has two bases, one at the main premises in Magoula looking after Greece and European countries and one Cooperative Company in Cyprus (ELKAT Cyprus LTD) orientated to Cyprus and South East.

Organization Chart

ELKAT SA is an extensive healthy company with perfect structure.

Fully experienced employees standing in their position and provide daily services as a team, for the full functionality of the company.

All personnel, from engineers to technicians, cooperates harmoniously in order to manage all kinds of projects.