The Company

ELKAT SA was founded with different forms 40 years ago as a developer for the enormous demand in technological support, construction works and manufacturing activities.

  • 1976: Foundation of construction company TEMIKA LTD.
  • 1985: TEMIKA LTD is being developed to EMIK LTD and invests in a new workshop facilities plant in Piraeus.
  • 1995: The same owner manages to expand EMIK LTD to a leading Construction and Trading Company which is based in Piraeus by the name of ELKAT SA.


Since then at 2009 demands and domestic infrastructure have led the company to invest in new privately owned facilities which are located in the Industrial Area of Magoula Attikis.

ELKAT SA facilities are accommodated in a total area of 10.000 m2 in modern buildings of 2.500 m2, that are equipped with sophisticated manufacturing equipment. Up to date processing systems and new offices made ELKAT a leading manufacturing company in the sector.


ELKAT objective targets for the future are to maintain and develop the quality of its facilities, to establish and maintain its activities in the Private, Public and Co-Financed projects in the domestic and international market.

Also the important presence of ELKAT SA in the Private sector till now has created the foundation for a Client Base growth.

The implementation of the projects is methodized with ELKAT SA Project Management System which is a useful model and an excellent frame for construction and supplies.

This structure can help the company to focus its attention on each basic element in the process of choosing and determining opportunities in the potential base of their strength.
The Company’s model allocates five guidelines of the organization that can be used in order to design and execute various mechanical engineering projects.


We ensure the support of the leading sources in our organization, so that we can proceed and advance.

Planning - Design

Continuously Planning-Design methods in order to fulfill the markets demands. The team determines the possible dangers, the field of application, the financial objectives, as well as the schedule.


The implementation of the design is becoming a proposal that will successfully mirror the market’s needs. In addition it provides a detailed approach for the evaluation of the proposal for a desirable result.

Follow-up and Control

It involves revision of the data of the project, its requirements, the timetable, and other possible design factors that will be revised and are involved in the evaluation. This revision creates an occasion in order to develop the design and the implementation of the project.

Final Implementation

The management team develops guiding lines with regard to the details that they will meet.

This method is an essential tool for the confrontation the current and future needs. It ensures our faculty in order to select a partner with the vision and the faculties that are required for the creation of design and our strategic prefabrication and erection objectives.

Strategy of Growth

Taking into consideration the conservable growth of the ELKAT SA, the main axes of strategy are following:

  • We focus in the innovation of our products and planning, it is permissible from the high capacity of production and the experience of the executives and personnel.
  • The company aims to maintain a big share in the domestic construction market as well as expand its facilities internationally.
  • Further growth of efficiency is being done with continuous technological information update, aiming at the improvement of the erection services and equipments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our permanent objective is to act based on ethical rules as for the labor, the cooperators, the clients, the investors, and the environment. Our company is totally dedicated to the corporate social responsibility and this strategy is the means to maintain the economic growth of our company. We minimize the environmental cost by using our environmental friendly power sources in solar panels (installation of 100 kW).